zaterdag 27 augustus 2011

As you can see, it's my birthday within 86 days.
(maybe you can't understand, simply because of the fact that this is in Dutch... but anyway. It says 'Britney, 86 days until your birthday.')

I know it's still a long time, since it's almost September now, and my birthday is in November...
It's just that I'll be turning 20, and I'll be saying goodbye to my teenage years, haha.

Now wanted I wanted to share was just the "present(s)" I want from my parents,sis & grandma.

It may sound lame or anything, but actually I don't care! =p
I just really wanna have it.

Okay, so the first thing I wanted was a dresser.
I found this one :
... but as you can see, this dresser is only 3 drawers high, which means that this dresser is somewhere at my thigh.

But than I saw this :

... This kinda looks like the dresser, but with an extra drawer.
Well actually.
These dressers are from the "MALM" collection. And they got these individual dressers.
So when I saw this I decided... to just take two of these dressers with 4 drawers, and put them
next to each other.

But because my room is very dark/ink blue I decided to get these ones, in white:

Okay, so that's that!
Than the other thing I wanna have (because I'll be using these dressers partly as a make-up table) Is a mirror.
I saw the mirror 'STAVE' which is a very simple mirror. I think It just will be that one.
Also what I like about that mirror, is that it has a thick list, so I can wrap some cute lights around
it, or something like that.

This is the mirror. And as u can see it's very simple.
But keeping it clean and simple gives me the opportunity to add different things to my room, just
because of the fact that the stuff I pick is very clean and simple.

And last but not least. I wanted a new desk for so long, but I couldn't find anything that was
really handy to me, or that wasn't to big.
And then I found this...
This is called a secretaire.
I just wanted something clean, that also matched the dresser.
I wanted to go to the store to check it out in real life, also because of the fact that my dad
said it maybe wasn't strong enough, and that maybe it would/cloud break very easily.
I tested it (also for the hight) and I was convinced. This was the one I wanted.
I can do my homework, and I can use the drawers to put my homework/school stuff in.
When I'm busy and it get's messy all I have to do is close it, and it's all neat again!

I would also like a new chair and a new lamp, but I'm gonna start off with this!

These are pictures from the chair and lamp that I want:

The chair is very simple and clean and the lamp is very beautiful and maroccan/arabic.
The dresser, mirror and "desk" are very clean just because I want to decorate my room with this maroccan/arabic style. Just some candles/pillows and stuff like that.

All the furniture is from IKEA.
The dresser is from the MALM line.
The mirror is called STAVE.
The secretaire is from the JONAS line,
and the chair is called SKRUVSTA.

I don't know where the lamp is from, I just found it online.
I do know that here in Holland there are stores called LifeStyle. They sell these kind off lamps there.
Also in Holland in a town called 'Beverwijk' there is a bazar. Here you can find anything from food to clothing, interior and electronics.
I know for sure that they sell these kinda lamps there.

 I hope y'all like(d) this first real post, even though it was pretty long.
And also let me know what you asked/asking for your bday, and if you like the things I wanna have.
I just need these things and figured it would be a good idea to ask it for my bday.

Hi guys.

So here I am. All new blog.
Even though I didn't update that much on my other blog, I wanna try it this time... and do it goood! (=
I'll be blogging about the same stuff...
Fashion/Interior (design), photography and just things that I find intereseting of inspiring!